Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chest Hair

Howdy, folks! Coffee, tea or hairy me?

Previous posts like Stubs and Hair talked about follicles on your manly body that you can creatively design or alter. Today we gonna talk about those you normally or usually can't. It's the hair on your chest called, err, yeah, chest hair. For those who don't have any, just bear with this.

Not all men are born with genes that spur the growth of hair on your body, especially in front of the torso. But it does not mean those who are not blessed with hirsutism are lesser metrosexuals than those who are. Chest hair are common among Arabs, Indians and Caucasians, but then again, it is just a convenient generalization. Famous male icons who are notorious for their velcro-like chest hair include Sean Connery, Tom Selleck and David Hasselhoff (pictures of them not included; it's just not for the faint hearted!)

There is no need for it to be bushy or resembling any broccoli, just a smattering of hair here and there would do the trick. If your chest is a golf course, it should just resemble the putting green, a mixture of coarseness and smoothness. But then again, chest hair will only make you look ugly if you have a fat belly! If that is the case, please cover yourself in a 3-piece suit to save others from such horrid sight.

No one knows for sure why some girls find them to be sexy and seductive, but logically, it could be due to their wild imagination that these hair would tickle their skin when their body touch the man's chest. Biologically, women may also assume that the abundance of hair off a man's chest signifies his superior male genes, like the mane of a lion. Yeah, right.

Despite such myth, being metrosexual is about being perceived as having control of your body and trying your best in making yourself look good. As such, just because you have a nice fluffy chest hair, it does not mean you should just flaunt it like a prized trophy 24/7. There should be a balance between decency and vanity. Overdoing it like Austin Powers is a freaking no-no! It is not about how fertile your chest hair is, it is about how you manipulate its presence to complement your image in front of others. Only then you have mastered the true art of male beauty.

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