Monday, December 27, 2010


What is the first thing that people will look at when they see a metrosexual? His shirt? His shoes? Face?

The answer is obvious. Hair (and I don't mean the ones on his chest).

Used to be the exclusive territory for women, the 'crown' (pun intended) is now shared with men who also want to look good. Despite being biologically and culturally shorter and less voluminous than its counterpart's, men's hair is never deprived of style and vanity. Believe it or not, there are more than thousands of hairdos that a metrosexual can choose from, from the manly GI flattop crew-cut to the seductive ponytail, from the funky spiky to the boyband-ish centre parting. Afro, dreadlock, mohawk, backcomb, moptop, braid, mullet, anything goes. Some men even think that being bald is a type of hairstyle, too!

As for colours, do not be mistaken that men should only have black or dark hair. Just like you can choose any colour for your shirt, that is how extensive the range of colours that men can adopt. Be brave, don't just stick to the 'ol school side-parting greasy cut. Get yourself some nasty flourescent neon colours and splash it on your hair. I bet you will be standing out (and look outstanding too) like a beacon in the dark among the crowd!

Why do I think that hairstyle is important for men?

Because it easily captures the attention of others. Scientifically, people are prone to see what is within their eye level first and then start roaming up and down when they visually scan a person that they just met. As such, hair is most likely be among the firsts to be noticed, so a fantastic hairstyle should be a swell introduction of yourself like, "Hi, I am the best looking person you've ever met!".

Because it represents the amount of effort and care that the person has put to look hot. It shows you care about your image. Artists spend lots of money to keep up with the latest hairstyle trend. There is no use of sporting expensive shirts and stuff when you have the unintentional just-wake-up-out-of-bed hairstyle (should be distinguished with the scruffy waxy hairstyle loved by Korean hunks). You don't want your hair to be seen as not well kept. Either you comb it, shave it, tie it, swipe it aside or even brush it, don't leave it unattended. It is one of those small investments that will carry you far.

Because hair is something that is physically attached to the person rather than clothes, accessories and shoes. It is part of you. With or without clothes, you will still look dashing with a catchy hairstyle. Healthy hair shows a healthy you. A sassy hairstyle reflects a handsome you. Sometimes you can even match your hairstyle with your outfit, and they would complement each other to your advantage.

Go ahead, pick up the most suitable hairstyle from the mags and may you have the best hair-raising experience today!

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