Friday, August 13, 2010

Cute Looking Metrosexuals - Oxymoron?

So, what's all that jazz with having a boyish look and still calling yourself metrosexual? Let's make the short story long.

The evolution of Mankind (pun intended) interconnects with the function of a man in a society in any given civilization. Historically, men were deemed as the sole breadwinner and provider for food, shelter and protection. They lived to survive and they survived to live another day clubbing competitors' thick skulls for limited resources. These demanding chores required physically reliable attributes, hence being muscular, brawny and mannish could be an advantage to achieve the said objectives. Facial hair and wrinkles would add some sort of wisdom into a man's character. The mantra was, you are what you look like.

Later on, when swords, guns and democracy were invented, men relied on tactics, politics and semantics to be in control of the society they lived in. Lesser focus were given on a man's body strength. Instead, appearance and outfit were the main avenue to display power, leadership and societal rank. You can see the traits in all the army and religious uniforms or royal regalia worn kings and aristocrats. At that time, you are what you wear.

Now, men begin to understand that looking good can keep them up there in the upper echelons of the populace. Careers such as actors, models and singers can bring them all the money and power that they want. As such, it is not surprising that you can see men are as competitive as women in order to stay hot and spicy in the market.

Gone are the days where men have to be tough, rough and buffed. Smooth baby-like skin, angelic eyes as well as cherubic smile cease to be exclusive domains for females to conquer or flaunt. Eternal youth has become the holy grail for many guys. Not surprising, even most women are able to accept that cute looking guys (some of them are just plain effeminate) are just as charming as the typical manly gentlemen. A boyish-looking metrosexual is no longer a paradox. It must be understood that metrosexualism is not about conformity, but more of creativity, self-awareness and freedom to choose your own style. Metrosexuals come in all shapes and sizes; as long as they look good or they feel that they look good, undoubtedly they are part of the culture.

At last, you can be yourself.