Monday, July 5, 2010

Six Packs

Every narcissistic man would love to have a six-pack (no, I don't mean those cans of beer). Nothing but the good 'ol ripped washboard ab. The ultimate symbol of male perfection.

It indicates that the man has worked hard enough to sculpt up those muscles as well as cutting down his fat. This means high level of commitment towards fitness regime, plus an attitude to beautify oneself. No pain, no gain as they always say. It makes a male look sexy. Ladies drool at the sight of a symmetrical abdominal structure. Even guys would turn their heads at such wonder. Some metrosexuals love to keep it smooth and lean, while some prefer it full of volume. Coupled with a nice pair of juicy biceps, you are one hot stuff getting ready to be envied by commoners.

So, next time if you feel that there is nothing else you could do to uber-metrosexualise yourself, just crack those whip and give your waistline a good 100 ab crunch a day. You won't regret the result of it.

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