Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shades, sunglasses, eyewear, call it what you want

What makes you look COOL and HOT at the same time?

Ray Ban, Oakley, Adidas, Police, etc.

Yup, you are right. Those moulded shiny or dark plastics (sometimes glass) that people stick on their face just right over their zit-free nose are called sunglasses. Or shades. Or eyewear. Whatever.

Invented to block piercing sunlight from drying your moist and sparkling eyes, it was later innovated in various sizes, shapes and colour just for fashionistas, and metrosexuals too. They don them for one reason and one reason only: to make themselves damn good looking!

Rumour says it that artists and glamour mortals use shades to hide the movement of their eyes, to prevent others from knowing that they are gazing at others who are gazing at them. Get it? Such act, however, could only be covered if the glasses are totally dark, and not mildly tinted, or else they might not be able to cover their voyeurism.

Not to forget those glasses which have HUGE emblems and logos of its brand, not many people can wear such item confidently without having something written on their forehead, like, "Hello, I'm the walking ad for LV" or "Buy DKNY, because I bought it, too". It's a no-no for a true metrosexual. Just get a simple one that would enhance the curves on your face, not some swimming goggles, for heaven's sake! Remember, get one that suits you, not the other way around.
No sane metrosexual would leave home without this accessory. Just don't wear them for too long under the sunshine because you may have a two-toned skin colour on your face once you take them off. Once in a while, just hang it nicely on your shirt collar to give yourself that hip image.

And please, no fake sunglasses. Pure metrosexuals don't imitate.

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