Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuxedo - Traditional Metrosexualism

Many people think that the whole idea of metrosexualism is about coming out raw, bullish and wacky (well, most of us do). But there are times where metrosexuals do need to look formal, prim and proper, just like the 'ol times to blend in with the aristocratic atmosphere. And that's where a pair of tailor-made tuxedo will provide the cutting edge.

Tuxedo or sometimes called as a black tie attire resonates the commanding authority of a male icon in many different ways. It is black/dark for a reason: the sombre mood of the tuxedo accentuates the manly character of the person wearing, the dark inner masculinity that lies beneath those expen$ive clothes. It can come in many famous brands like Brioni, Hugo Boss or for those with extra Pound Sterlings, get one of those high end Saville Row tux in London.

A bespoke tuxedo represents the cultured side of him as well as the prestige of his stature. Sometimes sharp, sometimes curvaceous, a tuxedo is a dressing that flavourise the main dish, i.e. the hot male body. Coupled with a shiny bow tie, either black, red or any exotic colour you can find, you'll be the centre of attraction in the party. Sometimes a normal necktie can do the trick too. Sometimes, not wearing a necktie or a bowtie can make you look sexier!

Give it a try, but don't overdo it (don't wear a tuxedo on your first date!).

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